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Is it about time for you to start thinking about your homeschool plan? You’re in the right place! Take a look at the articles below to help your homeschooling planning and organization come together smoothly.

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Homeschool For Newbies

Start on your homeschooling journey by first discovering if it’s the right path for you – it’s like finding the perfect destination for your road trip. Explore this section for insights on making the decision and setting the course for your child’s enriching educational adventure.

Are you completely new to homeschooling? If you’re unsure what homeschooling is and what responsibilities are associated with it, let me fill you in on how homeschooling works.


You know what homeschooling is, but you have a million questions. I get it and I’ve got you covered. Well, I don’t have a million answers but I DO have a whole page full of answers to the most popular homeschooling questions.

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Planning For Homeschool

Once you’ve chosen the homeschool route, it’s time to chart your vision, goals, and routines – just like planning the stops and activities on your road trip. Dive into this segment for guidance on crafting a roadmap that aligns with your family’s educational aspirations.

I’ve gathered all the helpful advice I could find from a TON of experienced homeschooling parents and mapped out everything you need to know about planning for homeschool. Learn how you can create your homeschool plan in just a few easy steps.

homeschool planning

Much like mapping out the ideal route for your road trip, choosing the right curriculum and teaching styles is crucial for your homeschool adventure. Explore this section for valuable insights on navigating the educational landscape, helping you chart a course tailored to your child’s unique needs and interests.

Homeschool Curriculum

Curriculum choices are up the wazoo! There are way more curriculum choices to choose from than there will be time for. So how do you sort through all the chaos and zoom in on the top choices for you? Let me teach you how to choose the best homeschool curriculum for YOU licitly split.

If you need a little more specific recommendations, here are my favorites!

Reading Curriculum

Just like many of you parents with kiddos beginning to read, I was in search of a curriculum that would teach my son not only how to read but to LOVE it. After searching the internet, asking parents, and test-driving a few programs ourselves, here are the 5 best reading programs for kindergarten.

I’ve even reviewed a few specific curriculum choices in greater detail. You can learn what we thought about the Hooked on Phonics app here.

Other Strong Curriculum Choices

For you parents who have 1st or 2nd graders, Lucky Little Learners is a strong option for full-year lessons and activities for language arts and math. Learn more about my experience with the Lucky Little Learners All Access and who I think it would be a go-to resource for.

Teaching Styles

Not everyone MUST choose a teaching style in order to homeschool. But for new parents, sometimes joining a club of like-minded homeschooling families can be a helpful guide to mapping out their home education.

Once you become more familiar with the homeschooling world, one common theme you’ll hear is…

Homeschooling is NOT public school at home.

If you are having trouble changing your mindset about home education, deschooling is a process you’ll want to consider doing before you jump into your homeschool year. Learn what deschooling is and how to do it here.

Some homeschool parents choose to homeschool because they want to escape structured teaching styles and instead focus on freedom and student interest. Unschoolers are a prime example of breaking free of strict education and instead creating an environment where their child’s voice and education choice are celebrated. Learn what unschooling is and how to unschool as I’ve interviewed an unschooling parent who gives her insider’s view on this teaching style.

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Homeschooling Supplies

As you gear up for your homeschooling journey, think of selecting your supplies and gathering learning resources as packing your bags for a road trip. This section guides you through the essentials, offering tips on assembling the tools and materials that will enrich your educational expedition, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the adventure ahead.

Homeschool Supply List and How to Make Yours

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Best Planners For Homeschool

Best Math Manipulatives to Captivate Your Students

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homeschooling planning

Embarking on your homeschooling road trip? Now that you’ve packed your bags with curriculum and resources, it’s time to hit the road! This section empowers you to start teaching, growing, and adapting—just like driving down the open highway. Discover insights on dynamic approaches to learning and fostering a flexible educational environment that evolves with your family’s needs.

Homeschool Behavior Management

Fun Homeschool Reward System Ideas & How to Create One!

Say Goodbye to Bribes and Hello to Motivating with Brag Tags