Free and Affordable Skip Counting Worksheets for Kids

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Looking for free and affordable skip counting worksheets? I’ve listed my favorite skip counting worksheets below to give your students an easy way to practice skip counting skills.  

As a teacher and homeschool parent, I understand that practice is essential for solidifying skip counting skills. Worksheets are one easy way to get that practice in for our kids. 

Below I’ve collected a list of free and affordable skip counting worksheets that you’ll want to check out.

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Free Skip Counting Worksheets

Find skip counting worksheets that will help your child practice skip counting skills in cost-effective ways. 

As a teacher and homeschool parent, I recommend the worksheets below to reinforce skip counting skills. These skip counting worksheets will make math enjoyable for your kids yet easy for teachers and parents.

Free Skip Counting Worksheets by Number

Skip Counting by 2 Worksheets 

Skip Counting by 3 Worksheet 

Skip Counting by 4 Worksheets 

skip counting by 5 worksheets

Skip Counting by 5 Worksheets

Skip Counting by 6 Worksheets

Skip Counting by 7 Worksheets

Skip Counting by 8 Worksheets

Skip Counting by 9 Worksheets

Skip Counting by 10 Worksheets 

Lucky little learners all access membership

Worksheets for All Skip Counting Numbers – Lucky Little Learner All Access (Best Value)

If you want an all-inclusive and easy way to get fun worksheets, games, lessons, and other teaching resources for not only skip counting but for all of your other K-3rd grade subjects, Lucky Little Learners truly has an all-access membership that’s a game-changer for educators and parents. 

This membership is hands-down the cheapest and easiest way I’ve found to get amazing printable and digital teaching resources.

It extends to other math subjects like multiplication and addition, ensuring a holistic learning experience. 

Plus, it goes beyond math, offering resources for reading, writing, science, and more for K-3rd grade levels. 

If you want to check out this resource, here’s a peek inside. (It takes a few seconds to load)

If you want to learn more, I’ve written a full review and video walkthrough here

skip counting worksheet bundle

$4 Skip Counting Bundle – Lucky Little Learners

If the Lucky Little Learners All Access membership has too many resources for you, try this mini skip counting bundle.

This resource offers valuable support for students in first, second, and third grade who need extra practice with skip counting by twos, threes, fives, and tens

It includes a versatile array of materials, such as… 

  • number posters
  • desk tents
  • Worksheets
  • Dot-to-dots
  • flip flaps
  • assessment checklists

It’s great for various learning environments. Whether you’re teaching during morning work, intervention sessions, whole group lessons, independent practice, guided math groups, enrichment activities, homework, or homeschooling, this resource has you covered. 

Learn more about the skip counting bundle here.

Digital Skip Counting Worksheets & Games

Digital skip counting worksheets bring the concept of skip counting to life through interactive and engaging activities. 

With digital worksheets, learners can practice skip counting on their devices, making learning accessible and fun anytime, anywhere. 

They often come with instant feedback, providing an effective way to reinforce skip counting skills. 

Additionally, these digital resources can be customized to suit individual learning needs, ensuring that every student gets the support they require to excel in math.

Here’s an example of digital math puzzles that many teachers love using inside the All Access Membership. Lucky Little Learners has these digital puzzles in skip counting included in their membership.

Take a look around the membership library here and search “skip counting” to see their skip counting resources. (The membership link takes several seconds to load)

You can also create your own interactive worksheets or games for skip counting inside Google Slides!

Benefits of Skip Counting Worksheets

Ever wondered why skip counting is important? Counting one by one will only take your child so far in their mathematical abilities. Eventually, they’ll need to learn strategies like skip counting to help them speed up the problem-solving process.  

Skip counting worksheets, like the ones I’ve listed above, will help your child get the repetition needed to establish a strong foundation for other math skills such as multiplication and division. 

Worksheets also give parents and teachers a worry-free free to get the job done. 

Here are some ways your child will benefit from skip counting worksheets. 

Basic Math Skills: Kids develop strong counting abilities, understand number patterns, and build a solid foundation for multiplication.

Quick Math: It enhances mental math skills, makes calculations faster, and boosts overall math confidence.

Real-Life Math: Kids can relate skip counting to everyday situations, helping them visualize numbers in practical contexts.

Overall Skill Growth: It’s not just about numbers; skip counting improves problem-solving, encourages critical thinking, and can be customized for different learning levels and objectives.

Types of Skip Counting Worksheets

Below is a list of the types of skip counting worksheets you may come across. This is to give you a quick reference to make choosing your worksheets easy. 

skip counting worksheet lesson

1. Lesson-Based Worksheets:

What They Are: Lesson-based worksheets are designed to complement specific lessons or topics in the curriculum. They align with the learning objectives of a particular lesson.

How to Use: Teachers can use these worksheets as part of their lesson plans. They introduce and reinforce concepts covered in class. Parents can use them as supplementary materials to support what their child is learning at school.

skip counting worksheet games (1)

2. Game-Based Worksheets:

What They Are: Game-based worksheets incorporate elements of play and fun into the learning process. They often involve puzzles, mazes, or interactive activities that make learning engaging.

How to Use: These worksheets are excellent for making learning enjoyable. Teachers can integrate them into lessons as a reward or break from traditional instruction. Parents can use game-based worksheets to motivate their child’s practice and create a positive learning environment at home.

skip counting worksheet practice

3. Independent Practice Worksheets:

What They Are: Independent practice worksheets are designed for students to work on their own. They usually cover previously taught concepts and aim to reinforce skills and boost confidence.

How to Use: These worksheets are valuable for homework assignments or in-class independent work. Teachers can assign them as homework to ensure students practice and retain what they’ve learned. Parents can use them to provide focused practice outside of school hours.

skip counting worksheet assessment

4. Pre and Post-Assessment Worksheets:

What They Are: Pre-assessment worksheets are given before a unit to gauge students’ prior knowledge and identify areas of weakness. Post-assessment worksheets are administered after a unit to evaluate learning and progress.

How to Use: Teachers use pre-assessment worksheets to tailor their instruction to students’ needs. Post-assessment worksheets help measure the effectiveness of teaching. Parents can collaborate with teachers to understand their child’s strengths and weaknesses, using this information to provide targeted support.

How to Use Skip Counting Worksheets

It’s important to start with the right difficulty level for your child. For beginners, start with skip counting worksheets for 2s, 5s, or 10s. As they master these, gradually move to more complex multiples. 

Make learning fun by choosing themed worksheets that connect skip counting to real-life situations. 

Consider interactive digital options for modern engagement and customization to meet individual learning needs. These approaches will help learners of all levels excel in math.

Supplementing skip counting worksheets with other strategies is a great way to reinforce your child’s ability to solve skip counting problems. 

Check out the ideas below to give your child more strategies for solving skip counting problems. 

How To Teach Skip Counting

Teaching skip counting becomes a breeze when you introduce kids to multiple strategies. Start with number lines for a visual approach, and don’t forget those catchy skip counting songs to keep things fun and engaging!

Use a number line 

Using a number line to tackle skip counting in worksheets is a great way for your child to visualize math problems. 

Your child can place numbers on the line, and then they skip count by hopping from one to another, helping them visualize the sequence. 

It’s a fantastic method that builds number sense and makes those worksheets a lot less daunting. 

Try out these math worksheets that use a number line to help your child visualize skip counting.

Skip Counting Songs

Skip counting songs are like magic spells for learning. Music turns those dull worksheets into a fun sing-along adventure and activates your child’s memory in surprising ways. 

It’s a fact! Your child’s engagement and memory greatly improves when music is involved.

Think of when you’re trying to find out where the letter “P” is in the alphabet. Did you sing the ABC song to find out? Using songs for skip counting engages that same memory magic. 

worksheets for early childhood education

Other Helpful Math Worksheets & Fun Lessons

Looking for more than just skip counting worksheets. Here are a few topics that you can start with… 

…but if I’m being honest, just get this. It’s a much easier and cheaper way to find lessons and worksheets for your children’s math skills from K to 3rd grade.

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