Anchor Chart Templates: How To Make, Display, Store, & Use Them

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In my teaching journey, I’ve learned that it’s all about working smarter, not harder. Back when I first started, I spent countless hours creating educational resources from scratch, including hand-drawn charts. 

Now that I have a few more years (and hard lessons) under my belt, I’m here to give you some advice… Don’t do it all on your own – use anchor chart templates!

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anchor chart templates

What Are Anchor Charts

Anchor charts are visual aids similar to educational posters that capture key concepts, strategies, or information in a visually engaging way. 

As a teacher and homeschool parent, I’ve seen anchor charts used as valuable tools to simplify complex topics and create memorable learning experiences for kids of all ages.

Teachers have created anchor charts about all kinds of subjects like math and number sense, reading strategies, social-emotional learning, science and so much more. You can easily use them for your students too!

What Are Anchor Charts

Anchor Chart Template

A lot of times, it’s easier to use an anchor chart template rather than starting from scratch. As busy teachers and parents, you don’t want to reinvent the wheel! 

Here’s where you can find amazing templates to save you time and energy. ↓

Lucky Little Learners has a membership with not only anchor chart templates in just about any K-3rd grade subject you can think of, but they also have done-for-you lesson plans, activities, and a library of other educational downloadables. Use code: TORI10 to save 10% on anthing in their shop or membership.

lucky little learners membership

How to Make Anchor Charts Using A Template

A lot of teachers use large easel paper to make their anchor charts because it’s big enough to display around the room for many students to see. But this is not the only way to make and display anchor charts.

Typically, teachers create their anchor charts with their students so they have the benefit of seeing the concept unfold. However, other teachers prefer to save time by creating them ahead of time. 

Here are a few ideas of how you can make, display, and store your own anchor charts either at home or in the classroom.

Make an Anchor Chart: Trace Using a Projector

anchor chart


Many teachers use a template like these ones, turn on their projector, and then trace it on a large piece of paper. It’s super expensive to get a poster board professionally printed so tracing is a great hack to save some money!

Display Your Anchor Chart: Magnet Anchor Chart

Use a whiteboard or metal sheet and hang your anchor chart with magnets for an easy way to change out your anchor charts. You can also frame the metal sheet to make it look super cute and polished.

Display Your Anchor Chart: Digitally

Digitally displaying your anchor charts is easy, saves time, and is great for storage – it doesn’t require any physical space!


One of the easiest ways to display is to use a projector. Just use an anchor chart template file like these ones and display it on your wall digitally using a projector. 

Display anchor charts in virtual learning platforms

Google Classroom, slide show presentations, Outschool, and other online learning require a new way of “displaying” learning posters. Embed your anchor chart template into whatever learning platform you are using and call it good. 

Store Your Anchor Charts: Poster Storage bags

Poster storage bags are inexpensive and can be used to store multiple anchor charts. Use sticky notes as tabs to organize and help you easily find your charts when reusing them. 

Store Your Anchor Charts: Use Hangers and Hooks

Here’s a cool way to store your anchor charts. It’s kind of like a giant hanging file folder that you can easily flip through. Use waterfall hooks and hangers to store your anchor charts that aren’t currently on display. 

anchor chart storage
anchor chart organization

Anchor Chart Ideas

Here are some ideas of specific topics that many teachers like to display anchor charts. 

Remember though, don’t kill yourself like most teachers do, just use a template! Here is a link that includes anchor chart templates for most of the subjects listed below. 

Reading Strategies Anchor Chart

  • Short Vowel Anchor Charts
Short Vowel Anchor Charts
  • Text Features Anchor Chart
  • Text Structure Anchor Chart
  • Text Evidence Anchor Chart
  • Anchor Chart Setting
  • Retell Anchor Chart
  • Main Idea Anchor Chart
  • Point of View Anchor Chart
  • Key Details Anchor Chart
  • Central Idea and Relevant Details Anchor Chart
  • Cause and Effect Anchor Chart
  • Context Clues Anchor Chart
  • Inference Anchor Chart
  • Compare and Contrast Anchor Chart
  • Nonfiction Text Features Anchor Chart
  • Summarizing Anchor Chart
  • Making Inferences Anchor Chart
  • Central Message Anchor Chart
  • Text Evidence Anchor Chart
  • Good Readers Anchor Chart
  • SWBST Anchor Chart (Somebody Wanted But So Then)
SWBST Anchor Chart
  • Anchor Chart Theme
  • Read to Self Anchor Chart
  • Ask and Answer Questions Anchor Chart
  • Folktale Anchor Chart
  • Fairy Tale Anchor Chart
  • Fable Anchor Chart
  • Character Anchor Chart
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Writing Anchor Charts:

  • Opinion Writing Anchor Chart
  • How-To Writing Anchor Chart
  • Narrative Writing Anchor Chart
  • Sequencing Anchor Chart
  • Compound Words Anchor Chart
  • The Writing Process Anchor Chart
  • Parts of a Letter Anchor Chart
Parts of a Letter Anchor Chart

Language Arts:

  • Adjectives Anchor Chart
  • Poetry Anchor Chart
  • Subject and Predicate Anchor Chart
  • Types of Sentences Anchor Chart
  • C or K Anchor Chart
  • Blends Anchor Chart
  • Conjunctions Anchor Chart
Conjunctions Anchor Chart
  • Contractions Anchor Chart
  • Adverbs Anchor Chart
  • R-Controlled Vowel Anchor Chart
  • Silent E Anchor Chart
  • C.U.B.E.S. Anchor Chart
  • Compare and Contrast Anchor Charts
  • Compound Words Anchor Chart
  • C or K Anchor Chart
  • Magic E Anchor Chart
  • Shades of Meaning Anchor Chart
  • Commas Anchor Chart
  • See all anchor chart templates

Anchor Charts for Math

  • Addition with Regrouping Anchor Chart
  • Measuring Anchor Chart
  • Even and Odd Anchor Chart
  • Word Problem Anchor Chart
Word Problem Anchor Chart
  • Place Value Anchor Chart
  • Doubles Anchor Chart
  • Multiplication Strategies Anchor Chart
  • Multiplying Anchor Chart
  • Anchor Charts Multiplication
  • Division Strategies Anchor Chart
  • Fractions Anchor Chart
  • Fact Family Anchor Chart
  • Cubes Anchor Chart
  • Rounding Anchor Chart
Rounding Anchor Chart
  • 3D Shapes Anchor Chart
  • Perimeter and Area Anchor Chart
  • Number Bond Anchor Chart
  • Shapes Anchor Chart
  • Fact Family Anchor Chart
  • Number Line Anchor Chart
  • Coins Anchor Chart
  • Measurement Anchor Chart
  • Anchor Chart Measurement
  • Compare Numbers Anchor Chart
  • Addition Anchor Chart
Addition Anchor Chart

Social Studies Anchor Charts

  • Map Skills Anchor Chart
  • Continents and Oceans Anchor Chart
  • Branches of Government Anchor Chart
  • Community Helpers Anchor Chart
  • Landforms Anchor Chart
  • Native American Tribes Anchor Chart
  • American Symbols Anchor Chart
  • U.S. Presidents Anchor Chart
  • World Cultures Anchor Chart
  • Historical Figures Anchor ChartSkills Anchor Chart

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Science Anchor Charts

  • Scientific Method Anchor Chart
  • Parts of a Plant Anchor Chart
  • Water Cycle Anchor Chart
  • Animal Classification Anchor Chart
  • Magnet Anchor Chart
  • Solar System Anchor Chart
  • States of Matter Anchor Chart
States of Matter Anchor Chart
  • Food Chain Anchor Chart
  • Weather and Climate Anchor Chart
  • Earth’s Layers Anchor Chart
  • Human Body Systems Anchor Chart
  • Inferences Anchor Chart
  • See all anchor chart templates

Conclusion: Anchor Chart Templates and Ideas

Anchor chart templates are the way to go to save you time, engage your students more effectively, and make learning truly memorable. So, don’t hesitate to explore the many anchor chart template ideas I’ve mentioned, and happy learning!

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