Teacher’s Picks: School Supplies for Kindergarten & Homeschool

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So you need school supplies for kindergarten for your soon-to-be kindergartener? Well, walk away with a kindergarten supply list made by a teacher with public school, online, and homeschool teaching experience. 

Education isn’t what it was even just 5-10 years ago. This means the supplies that our sweet little kindergartener friends will need have also changed. 

No longer do we only have the option to go to public school. In this survey, 53.7% of parents said that they were considering public school alternatives. Learning opportunities have adapted. 

With my background as a public school teacher, online educator, and homeschooling parent, I’m here to offer valuable insights into the essential supplies required across each of these unique settings. 

From a comprehensive kindergarten supply list that covers all bases, to tailored lists for homeschooling and online learning, I’m here to guide you through the essentials. 

Together, we’ll navigate the difference between what’s truly necessary and what’s optional, ensuring your kindergartener is well-equipped for an enriching year ahead.

school supplies for kindergarten

Kindergarten Must-Haves:

If you’re a parent looking for a list of kindergarten must-haves, this section is designed to provide you with a straightforward breakdown of the most important supplies your child will need for a confident and thriving kindergarten experience.

Kindergarten Supply List for Parents 

  • Backpack
  • Plastic folders
  • Change of Clothes
  • Crayons
  • Composition Notebook
  • Child-Safe Scissors
  • Glue Sticks/ liquid glue
  • Construction Paper
  • Kindergarten Pencils (jumbo)
  • Erasers
  • Washable Markers
  • Dry Erase Markers
  • Washable Paint
  • Tissues
  • Hand Sanitizer

School Supplies for Kindergarten

Kindergarten classroom supplies often extend beyond the individual needs of your child. As a parent, you might find that the requests from teachers for classroom supplies include resources that contribute to a collective learning experience. Back when I was a public school teacher, I remember needing the parent’s help to provide supplies that the class used as a whole because of low classroom budgets.

In this section, we’ll explore the supplies that teachers may ask you to contribute to your child’s classroom so you can prepare your kindergarten supply list and budget ahead of time. 

Keep in mind that some teachers may not require that each student supplies the items below but instead send out a signup list for parents to volunteer to contribute one or two items from the list. 

Kindergarten supply list wish list

Kindergarten Classroom Must-Haves

  • Box of tissues
  • Hand sanitizers
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Ziplock bags (various sizes)
  • Paper towels
  • Extra change of clothes (labeled with child’s name)
  • Snacks for the class (following any dietary restrictions)
  • Art supplies (crayons, markers, glue sticks, construction paper)
  • Playdough or modeling clay
  • Small toys or educational manipulatives
  • Blanket or nap mat (for rest time)
  • Aprons or smocks (for messy art activities)
  • Recycled materials for crafting (paper towel rolls, egg cartons, etc.)
  • Books for the classroom library
  • Indoor or outdoor toy donations
  • Outdoor play equipment (balls, jump ropes, etc.)
  • Musical instruments for group activities
  • Sensory materials (sand, water table items)
  • Costume items for dramatic play
  • Some teachers appreciate a classroom gift card

Kindergarten Homeschool Supplies

The beauty of homeschooling lies in its flexibility, and that extends to the supplies you’ll need. 

Unlike traditional classroom settings, your homeschool supply list doesn’t necessarily require a whole new set of supplies. 

In fact, you might be surprised at how much you already have at home that can be repurposed for educational activities. Below is a kindergarten list of supplies to look for around your house (or to buy) to prepare your child for your homeschool year.

Homeschool Kindergarten Supply List

  • Books (Bob books, social-emotional learning books)
  • Art Supplies (markers, crayons, colored pencils)
  • Craft Materials (buttons, beads, fabric scraps)
  • Kitchen Items (measuring cups, utensils)
  • Nature Treasures (leaves, rocks, twigs)
  • Toys (building blocks, puzzles, board games)
  • Household Objects (empty boxes, cardboard tubes)
  • Musical Instruments (pots, pans, shakers)
  • Digital Devices (tablets, computers)
  • Household Tools (magnifying glasses, measuring tapes)
  • Old Magazines (cut-out pictures)
  • Maps and Globes
  • Science Supplies (water, oil, vinegar)
  • Outdoor Gear (bikes, balls, jump ropes)
  • Family Photos
  • Curriculum
  • Homeschool Planners for Parents
  • Student Planners

Kindergarten Supplies List for Online Learning

Whether you’re diving into online education full-time or supplementing your child’s traditional schooling, this section will guide you through the must-have essentials for online kindergarten success. 

Your online kindergarten supply list will look fairly different when compared to a traditional classroom supply list. The list below will make sure that you are prepared with all that you need for your kindergartener’s online needs. 

Online Kindergarten List of Supplies

  • Reliable computer or tablet
  • Headphones or earbuds
  • Webcam (if not integrated)
  • Mouse or touchpad
  • High-speed internet connection
  • Printer (optional but useful for worksheets)
  • Whiteboard and markers (for interactive activities)
  • Manipulatives (physical or virtual)
  • Art supplies for virtual art projects
  • Organizational tools (folders, digital calendars)
  • A safe place to store passwords
  • Online curriculum
  • Desk or table
  • Office chair adjustable for your short kindergartener

Optional Kindergarten School Supplies

Now, let’s dive into additional kindergarten supplies – those items that might not be essential, but can certainly add a fun and personalized touch to your child’s learning experience. 

While the basics are covered, these optional supplies offer a chance to cater to your kindergartener’s unique interests and provide them with extra tools for engagement and exploration. 

Feel free to pick and choose from this list to create a kindergarten journey that suits your child’s individual preferences and learning style. 

  • Educational board games
  • Art and craft kits
  • Specialty writing tools (colored pencils, gel pens)
  • Interactive learning apps
  • Building blocks and construction sets
  • Musical instruments for creative expression
  • Science experiment kits
  • Educational puzzles
  • Storytelling props (puppets, story cards)
  • Math manipulatives (counting bears, shapes)
  • Dress-up costumes for imaginative play
  • Outdoor exploration tools (magnifying glass, binoculars)
  • STEM kits (robotics, coding)
  • Creative writing journals
  • Themed activity books
  • Building materials (LEGO, magnetic tiles)
  • DIY science experiment materials
  • Fine motor skill tools (beads, lacing cards)
  • Art supplies for self-expression activities
  • Gift card for teacher (great way to butter teacher up!)
school supplies for kindergarten

Smart Ways to Cut Costs for Your Kindergarten School Supplies

With a few savvy strategies, you can save money on essential school supplies while ensuring your child has everything they need for a successful year ahead. In this section, we’ll explore smart tips and tricks to help you keep your budget in check without compromising on quality.

Use Items You Already Have: Reuse items you already have at home, such as scissors, rulers, or art materials, to save on kindergarten supplies.

Shop Sales and Discounts: Keep an eye out for back-to-school sales, clearance racks, and special promotions from retailers, both online and in-store.

Buy in Bulk: Purchase items like pencils, crayons, and notebooks in bulk, as it often reduces the cost per unit.

Use Coupons and Promo Codes: Search for coupons and online promo codes before making purchases to get discounts on school supplies.

Shop Secondhand: Explore thrift stores and online marketplaces like FB marketplace for gently used or even unused school supplies at a fraction of the original cost.

Yard Sales: Yard sales are my personal favorite way to cut costs because not only do you save but you can also negotiate. Where I live, I was surprised by how many yard sales had new and lightly used items. For example, I bought a tub of 50-100 like-new books for $5 by simply making an offer. You can’t beat those prices! 

Compare Prices: Take the time to compare prices across different stores or websites to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

Repurpose and Reuse: Before buying new supplies, check if there are items from previous years or around the house that can be repurposed for kindergarten use.

DIY Supplies: Create personalized supplies at home, like customizing pencil cases or decorating notebooks, which can be both fun and cost-effective.

Group Shopping: Consider teaming up with other parents to purchase supplies in bulk, potentially qualifying for volume discounts.

Off-Brand Alternatives: Opt for store-brand or off-brand supplies, which are often just as functional as name brands but at a lower price.

Conclusion: Teacher’s Picks: School Supplies for Kindergarten & Homeschool

I hope this article was helpful in creating your kindergarten supply list as you gear up for the upcoming school year with your soon-to-be kindergartener. Don’t stop here though! I’ve got a lot of helpful articles to make your kindergarten year amazing.

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