The Best Computers For Homeschooling: A Parent’s Guide

Best homeschool computers

Finding the best computer for homeschooling can be a daunting task for many parents. How do you choose amid the hundreds of options? Spoiler Alert: Here’s our Favorite choice Even though it may be a bit overkill, I’ve teamed up with a computer engineer to select the best homeschool computers.  Although each of our computer … Read more

175+ Parents & Teachers Voted: Top Extracurricular Activities that Make the Biggest Impact on Your Child’s Future

Learn what 175+ parents and teachers think are the most important extracurricular activities to make the biggest difference in your child’s future.  As a former teacher and new homeschool mama of young kids, I’m already thinking of my children’s future.  Life is getting increasingly more competitive and, like you, I want to set up my … Read more

What is Deschooling & How To Deschool? 7 Easy Steps to Successfully Transition to Homeschooling

what is deschooling and how to deschool

Discover the secrets to a successful transition to homeschooling by finding answers to these important questions: “What is deschooling?” and “How to deschool?”. Avoid feeling stuck by learning effective activities to do during the deschooling phase. Below you’ll discover how to tell when you are ready to move on from the deschooling phase and begin … Read more

11 Impactful Social-Emotional Activities for Elementary

Social emotional activities for Elementary

Explore 11 impactful social-emotional activities for elementary students to build solid social skills and confidence! Also, learn specific examples of how you can use them in your child’s daily routine. As our children grow and develop, we all know that it’s important to support their emotional growth and well-being alongside their academic progress.  But how … Read more

65 Fun and Easy Social Emotional Activities for Preschoolers

social emotional activities for preschoolers

Equip yourself with a comprehensive list of 65 fun social emotional activities for preschoolers that parents and teachers can use to help your kids develop crucial emotional and social skills. Are you like most normal parents and teachers who have preschoolers who throw temper tantrums, don’t seem to get along with others, or could use … Read more

147+ Social Emotional Learning Books To Build Emotional Intelligence

social emotional books for kids (1)

Explore the ultimate list of social emotional learning books that will help you build resilient kids and address behavior issues. Below is my FULL collection of exciting and fun books that teach essential emotional and social life skills for your child’s success. As a former teacher turned homeschool mama, I have always been passionate about … Read more

13 Impactful Children’s Books About EMPATHY For Kids To Build Compassion

childrens books about empathy for kids (1)

Uncover the 13 best books about empathy for kids! These books on compassion provide a fun and engaging way to teach kids how to understand and relate to others’ feelings. As a former teacher turned homeschool mama, I’m always on the lookout for social emotional learning books that can help my son develop skills like … Read more

Our 9 Favorite Children’s Books About Sharing

childrens books about sharing (1)

Explore our top 9 children’s books about sharing that will eliminate your child’s sharing problems.  Hey there, friends! I’ve been on the lookout for ways to make learning social and emotional skills such as friendship, perseverance, and honesty fun for my son.  I’ve discovered that using social emotional books to teach these important lessons is … Read more

7 Clever Books About Tattling: Breaking Your Child’s Tattling Habit

Books About Tattling tattle tongue read aloud (1)

Discover 7 of my favorite books about tattling that you can read with your kids. These children’s books are not only entertaining but also educational, helping your children understand the important difference between tattling vs. telling.  Spoiler: Here’s my favorite book about tattling! “A Bad Case of Tattle Tongue” by Julia Cook Hey there, fellow … Read more