10 Clever First & Last Day of School Picture Ideas

first day of school picture ideas

Snag these clever first-day-of-school picture ideas to capture the first-day-of-school moments of your child’s education and the wild evolution from wide-eyed rookies to graduation-day champs. I’ve gathered some of my favorite back-to-school picture ideas to spark ideas for your own child’s first day of school photo. Whether your child goes to public, private, or homeschool, … Read more

Mother’s Day Gifts

Tori L.Hi, I’m Tori! I’m the founder of homeschoolnewbie.com. I’m a former elementary school teacher turned homeschool mama who has a passion for home education! I have 10+ years of experience working with children in all kinds of educational settings. As a new homeschooling parent, my mission is to navigate the world of homeschooling and … Read more

157+ Easy STEM Activities

Easy STEM Activities (1)

As a teacher and a parent of a busy pre-schooler, finding easy STEM activities is a must.  Most STEM activities online lack clear-cut instructions, require a lot of time or cost a lot of money.  I spent several weeks compiling a list of 157+ easy STEM activities that I could try and test with my … Read more

21 Ridiculously Easy Science Activities for Preschoolers


Over the last 2 weeks, my son and I have tested, filmed, and approved a ton of easy science activities for preschoolers.  As a teacher and a parent of a preschooler, I know that doing fun activities with your child can take time and money.  Thinking of parents like you and me, this list only … Read more