12 Must-Read Children’s Books on Gratitude: Raising Thankful Kids

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In this article, we will explore some of the best children’s books on gratitude. I’ve included a variety of books about being thankful for different age ranges, including toddlers, preschoolers and elementary age students. I’m sure you’ve heard from many influential leaders that happiness only comes when we learn to be grateful for what we … Read more

15 Must-Read Kindness Books for Kids to Encourage Positive Behavior

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In this blog post, you will find carefully selected 15 heartwarming books that are perfect for teaching your children about kindness. Each book has its unique way of conveying the importance of kindness and empathy, and they are all suitable for children of different ages and reading levels. Welcome in, fellow homeschool mamas, parents, and … Read more

Our 13 Favorite Children’s Books About Anger

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Check out my top 13 children’s books about anger that can help your children understand and monitor their biggest feelings. As parents, we often struggle with teaching our children how to manage their strong emotions, especially anger. After becoming a teacher and homeschool mama, I’ve realized that reading books about emotional intelligence is one of … Read more

Top 13 Growth Mindset Books for Kids

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Discover my top 13 growth mindset books for kids and learn how you can use growth mindset picture books to build your kids’ emotional skills in your classroom!  “Growth mindset” is a buzz word in the teaching world these days, and for good reason! Learning to train your brain is essential to learning and developing … Read more

9 Best Children’s Books About Honesty: With Activities!

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In this blog post, you’ll not only find the best children’s books about honesty, but you’ll also be inspired with fun companion activities that you can use to teach your children the importance of honesty! Recently, I’ve been thinking about my preschool-aged son who is currently experimenting with telling fibs when he gets himself into … Read more

13 Must-Read Books About Respect for Kids

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Discover 13 fantastic picture books that teach young children about treating others with kindness, consideration, and respect.  Are your kids anything like mine? Sometimes they need a little reminder about respect, but how do you explain such an abstract concept?  The solution is simple: social emotional picture books! With relatable stories and visual examples that … Read more

10 FREE Number Sense Activities for Kindergarten!

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I’ll be sharing 10 free number sense activities that your kids can do at home to start developing number sense. Whether you’re a student, a teacher, or a homeschool parent, these activities will help you and your children develop strong number sense. Use these number sense activities to practice counting, recognizing numbers, subsidizing and understanding … Read more

Boost Math Confidence with Number Sense Routines

Learn what number sense routines are, why they are essential, and how to implement them in your home and classroom!  FREE Number Sense Games! These FREE, 5-minute number sense routines a games are a fantastic way to easily add number sense into your daily routine.  Play them independently or with friends to start building important … Read more

Best Math Manipulatives to Captivate Your Students

Best Math manipulatives

Discover the best math manipulatives for your classroom and homeschool. Learn how you can use them to help your children learn math in fun ways! Looking to up your math game? Learn about the best math manipulatives for classrooms and homeschoolers!  Not only will we provide you with a list of math manipulatives for elementary … Read more

The Best Science Subscription Boxes Your Kids will LOVE!

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If your child loves science, then check out these amazing subscription boxes! Science subscription boxes offer a unique way to bring fun and exciting activities that help children explore the world of science.  These boxes come packed with items such as experiments, toys, books and other educational materials that are designed to encourage kids to … Read more